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Sacrifice Download Completo Di Film In Italiano

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Original Title: Sacrifice

Genge: Action,Crime,Thriller
















































A tough undercover cop inadvertently gets involved in a dangerous heroin ring when a young defector of the drug trade leaves his five year-old sister in his care.
Hi. I like a good crime-thriller as much as the next guy and always like my vengeance served cold. Cuba, Slater -- interesting team-up and there's another movie they did together I'd check out. They are not the problem here. Kim Coates I know from "SOA" and swore I thought that was the name of a SI Swimsuit Model from the 90s. I'll even overlook his almost-good performance.

The major problem is every other male in the film. EVERY OTHER MALE. From the teenage drug turncoat, to Coates' char.'s son (especially him) to Cuba's partner -- all were miscast. Their voices were not masculine at all. They didn't have great lines to start, so they were already at a disadvantage, but it sounded like they'd all been kicked in the genitals right before the director yelled "action!" Hey, I get it, b/c I'd be slightly intimidated calling Cuba a "dumb n-word cop" or having to fake-kick some scrappy 16 year old and telling him to "get up, f-word that rhymes with 'maggot.'" But the actual, sounds of their voices lacked any confidence or the reassurance that gravity had worked its magic on their testicles.

Beyond that -- here's some tips. If a thug punches a cop, and then shoots at other cops in a sporting arena, I seriously doubt one of the cops being shot at would tell his partner that "he can't hit (the shooter)" in the middle of a hostage crisis. Really? I'm supposed to believe that a cop's partner would try to dissuade him from punching out a shooter? That was the opening sequence.

re: Dialogue -- this goes out to all movie makers -- if one more pretend-priest mutters the words "The Lord works in mysterious ways" and is not immediately hit with a pie, I will demand a refund. I felt bad for Slater, who had to utter that actual cliché (and a couple of others) in a film he and Cuba and Agent Perez from "Saw 4" could've elevated from a C to a B-.

Oh, and actress who played Jade, you stunk. Your delivery was awful. Those were supposed to be fake drugs you were dealing and using, but I guess they call it method acting for a reason.

The whole movie didn't stink, but most of it did. Cuba does his best with what he's got. Slater -- eh, not great. I can't help but feel that Michael Madsen was missing from the picture. Fine actor, also. Probably could've played Coates' role a bit better.

Saw this on an instant streaming service with an instantly identifiable shade of red, so my expectations were lowered but I'm still underwhelmed. Want to see a good streaming flick? See Madsen's "The Killing Jar." That's doing a lot with a little. But skip "Being Michael Madsen" and "Road of No Return."
So... after awhile and reading bad and normal reviews watched this movie. and i must say it was GOOD! Not brilliant but a worthy watch.

Cuba has done a fine job, not to tell all the other cast really played their part well. Has a mix of everything. I wasn't bored or even passing my time. I watched it for the sake of watching it and i am satisfied. Not a time waster of any kind. No nonsense, well plotted movie. The only loose end was the little girl who you can tell didn't really acted properly plus writer or directors fault that when she saw Cuba in kitchen with his Gun and holding belt, she didn't asked him anything about the gun, when in reality a little girl that age would ask it the first time.

Movie had lot of moments you thought wont happen, but they did. I enjoyed and if you have nothing to do then do watch it.


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